Compliance Introduction Roadmap

Compliance Introduction Roadmap

 After reviewing the map of risks and recommendations, provided to you after completion of express compliance audit, you decide whether you need to engage us to implement these recommendations or not and determine the scope of work.

 Should you decide that you need to fulfil the recommendations specified in the Risk Map, you tell us which of the identified risks you wish to eliminate in your company. We assess the scope of work to be done in view of the specific features of your company's business activities and agree with you the exact terms of further development of Compliance Introduction Roadmap by us in the business areas relevant to your company.

If necessary, at this stage we can conduct a profound and thorough examination of other aspects of your company's operations, including book-keeping, marketing and finances.

A roadmap is a milestone plan of actions, which should be taken to introduce the Compliance system in the business areas designated by you. The Roadmap also includes the list of documents that should be prepared to introduce the Compliance system and the list of individuals, who should be engaged to introduce this system successfully.

To prepare a Compliance Introduction Roadmap in respect of the business areas designated by you an additional analysis of your company's activities may be required to the extent sufficient to make the Roadmap. This analysis can include studying of additional documents and holding additional meetings with your representatives and employees and in some cases - with your counterparties and partners, as circumstances require.

As a result, of this stage, we provide you with the Roadmap in the form previously agreed with you.


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Compliance Introduction Roadmap
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