Complex compliance protection

Complex compliance protection of your organization is the maintenance of legal, financial and reputational security of your business.

We provide services aimed at introducing complex compliance protection of your organization in three stages, and at each stage you will be able to determine the scope of services that you need and the degree of our specialists’ participation in this process.

Introduction of the Compliance System

Having reviewed the Roadmap, you decide how to allocate resources for its implementation. You may implement all provisions of the developed Roadmap on your own or engage us to provide these services.

 We can help you to bring this action plan to life by preparing all documents and taking all necessary actions completely by ourselves or in cooperation with specialists from your company.

 You may determine the degree of our participation in the implementation of the Roadmap at your own discretion.


Express Compliance Audit

After the completion of this stage you will get a Map of identified risks and recommendations how to mitigate them.

 After reviewing this Map, you will decide which item from the Map is especially valuable for your organization, and what scope of work is to be performed by our specialists, should you decide that our further participation is required.


Compliance Introduction Roadmap

Development of an action plan of how to minimize, and if possible, remove the identified compliance risks subject to the specific features of your company and your wishes.

 As a result of this stage we present you a Roadmap in the form which has been previously agreed with you.



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